We're a small team of 12 with over 30 years of collective Amazon experience. We've helped hundreds of Amazon Sellers get Aged Seller account​ over the years.

Aaron O.


Who are our clients?

We help entrepreneurs grow their income and make an impact in the world.

How do we help them?

We provide them already trusted Aged Amazon Stores where they can grow their income with peace of mind.

What change do we want to make?

We’ll be the #1 company in the world to provide Amazon Stores to support the growth of thousands of businesses with tens of thousands of employees…

How will we know when we are successful?

When we’re giving $1 million dollars to world changing organisations every year… and we can see the lives we touch with our contributions.

US  vs. THEM

Using Aged Amazon Accounts can add hundreds of thousands, and, oftentimes, millions of dollars in PROFIT to sellers’ bottom line, if used correctly…

We've spent millions of dollars testing, building processes and investing in our team to ensure all of our Seller Accounts are Transferred safely.
We've transferred 1,000+ seller accounts and tested what works… we have this down to a science.
We only buy Accounts that have had 1 x previous owner to ensure the accounts have NOT been damaged.
We work with the same Lawyers who deal with $10M - 100M+ Amazon FBA exits… and we've developed our Seller Account Transfer process with them.
Over the last 3 years, we’ve developed a 72 step transfer process to AVOID setting off ANY red flags inside the seller accounts.  Our competition has not.
There are many other 'vendors' out there re-selling seller accounts cheaply and transferring them without safety protocols in place… this sets off RED flags with Amazon.
If ANY company promises you to transfer an account in LESS than 5 days - RUN! We’ve transferred well over 1000 seller accounts over the years… and through a lot of expensive and painful mistakes 🙂
We know there is NO safe way to transfer an account in less than 5 days without setting off Amazon’s red flags.
Any account transfer must have a full LEGAL paper trail.
Amazon does allow businesses to be bought and sold every day on their platform, IF done correctly.
Avoid companies with cheap, templated agreements that will not fly with Amazon.

core tenets

We Think Long Term

We protect our clients and our business, because we THINK and ACT with LONG term results in mind. We do NOT cut corners for short term results and we’re committed to mastery of the ‘boring’ work that others won’t do.

We Make Decisions with Data

When there’s a constraint, we get the data FIRST… we never assume. Only then do we correct the process. And we do this with humility… As a team we’re ONLY concerned with WHAT is right, not WHO is right.

We are Champions

We go the extra mile. We obsess around being the greatest in the world at what we do. We are obsessed with delivering MORE value than we promise.

Charities We Support


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